Refisil Calsium Silicate levy

Refisil Calsium Silicate levy

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REFISIL 1000 & -1100 calcium silicate boards are low density insulating board with excellent insulation value, high mechanical strength and good heat resistance. The boards are designed for maximum temperatures of 1100°C (1832°F) and are applicable as back up insulating lining in a wide variety of industries like Aluminium, Cement, Glass, Petrochemical & Chemical , furnaces , etc.

REFISIL 1000 calcium silicate board are also ideal for the insulation and surround constructions of fireplaces and chimney casings. REFISIL 1000 & -1100 are easy to handle and to process with standard woodworking hand tools and machinery.

REFISIL 1000 & -1100 can be easily fixed together with screws, nails , staples and or glued together.

  • Mitat: Levyn korkeus: 25mm, Pituus 1220m ja leveys 2400mm
  • Maksimi käyttölämpötila 1000 C°
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • 200 ˚C  0,08W/mK
  • 400 ˚C  0,10W/mK
  • 600 ˚C  0,12W/mK
  • 800 ˚C  0,14W/mK
  • Kuutiopaino: 225kg/m3
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